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Delivering a message is as important today as it has always been. How we deliver that message isn't as important as some may have us think. One of the best examples is the daily specials board used at many restaurants. Each day a new special is promoted but the same old board is used to inform diners. Would other methods be any more effective? Perhaps, but no matter the message you want to deliver, it is critical that you get that message out to the public.

 New technology may change the game, but the rules stay the same. A new website is an excellent example. Once your website is established, validated, reviewed for content and submitted to search engines it is important that you get the word out about your new site. One of the easiest ways to deliver that message is to advertise locally. Newspapers, radio and television, as well as websites of area interest are all places that can deliver that message quickly and cost-effectively. Advertising locally is an important part of getting your message delivered. In most cases, a large percentage of your business will come from local or area customers.

 What about newer methods of promotion? Social media offers opportunities to promote your website in ways that were not available before the various social media platforms were viewed as viable for businesses. Website owners can engage in positive interactions with existing and potential customers and at the same time promote their website, their business and their products or services. A carefully planned social media strategy can ensure that the people you interact with genuinely benefit from the experience.

SMS (Short Message Service) or text messaging is used as a promotional tool by many businesses. Typically a person will offer their phone number to a business from which they wish to receive updates and promotional texts. As the number of non-solicited text messages increases this method of promotion may go the way of the traditional telemarketing call. Eventually, so many messages are received that they become a nuisance and consumers begins to ignore them all. Currently, text messaging remains a viable method to contact opt-in customers.

 Many businesses have or are experimenting with Snapchat, Instagram and other platforms due to their ability to use multimedia to deliver a message to existing and potential customers. While video can be a compelling messenger, it is important to consider the quality of the message and delivery. An unprofessional video may do more harm to your business than a well thought out text for example.

Many people are screaming that you must be using video, you must be using social media, you must be on this platform, you must be using this app, etc.. In many cases the people delivering these messages are misinformed or self-serving.

 The key is to promote your business effectively. It isn't important which method or methods are used as long as you are reaching your desired audience. There is a myriad of ways to promote your business and your website, find the way or ways that are most effective for you and get that message out there.


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