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Adding Relevant Content


 If you read an article on search engine optimization (the art of preparing your website so the search engines will rank your site highly) one of the topics that inevitably comes up is adding relevant content. Relevant content is content that matches the theme of your site. For example, an article wrote that details the treatment of a strained ligament on a horse would be relevant for a Veterinarians website but would not be relevant for a clothing store.

The search engines don’t want to waste their user’s time sending them to a clothing store website to read an article about treating a horse. It is assumed that Clothing Store Owners are probably not experts in the care and treatment of horse injuries. The same would be true if a Veterinarian posted an article discussing the stain resistance of Lycra.

 Determining what is relevant to your site is the easy part, deciding how to add content often presents a challenge. Articles, newsletters, and Blogs are all great ways to add relevant content to your website on a regular basis. Press releases and news items are also avenues worth exploring. Consider whether or not content will be of interest to your visitors before adding it to your website.

 It is important to be consistent when you add content. Post articles, newsletters or Blog posts on a regular basis so visitors will know when to return to your site for viewing. News items and press releases need to be timely and offer information of value to your visitors. Using press releases or news items as pure self-promotion can drive readers away from your site.

 Once you have decided upon a medium and a schedule you will need to decide where Your content will come from. You can prepare the content yourself or choose other sources. There are businesses that will develop content for many industries on a regular basis at a reasonable price.

Whether you choose a Blog, newsletter, articles, press releases or another delivery method, adding relevant content to your website can not only enhance your search engine ranking but it can bring more visitors to your site as well.


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