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Selling Satisfaction


Every Company is in the business of selling. When a business sells a product or service it begins a relationship with the customer. There are a few companies out there that believe that once a sale is made the relationship is over. We won’t concern ourselves with those companies for purposes of this article (they may not be around long anyway). 

The relationship that is initiated when a purchase is made is defined by several factors. The product or service being purchased is a key factor along with performance or usage promises associated with the product. Price is often a determining factor in establishing the terms of the buyer-seller relationship. High end or expensive products and services often extend the length of the connection between the two parties. When the products purchased are very inexpensive, the reverse is often true. In the case of inexpensive purchases the buyer may have no expectations of the seller at all.

When a business sells a product or service it makes a promise to the buyer that declares this product or service has value. I stand behind this product or service and insure that you will receive the value promised. When the seller delivers on this promise the buyer walks away satisfied with his or her experience. Nothing fancy, no bells or whistles, just satisfied.

Satisfied customers are the most likely to become repeat customers. They may buy from you again and again for years to come. Satisfied customers are more likely to refer you to their friends and family and make positive reviews or offer testimonials. Satisfied customers are more likely to be forgiving when an honest mistake is made.

When customers are satisfied they tend to buy more and check out the competition less. It becomes clear that it does not matter what product or service our business sells, we are all in the business of selling satisfaction. The satisfaction level of our customers may determine the level of success our business will attain. If we stay focused on the promise we make when we sell a product or service we are more likely to create satisfied customers.

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