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Where to Begin With Website Content


We are often asked, "What content should I have on my website?" The easy answer is information your customers want to see. The not so easy answer comes when we ask what a business wants to accomplish with their website. Here are a couple of pointers to get you started.

First, direct your content toward providing information your customers want or need to help them purchase your product or service. Include information that may be necessary to help them use or utilize your product or service to its full extent. If your website simply states “Buy this from me”, without first offering visitors a reason to consider your product or service, it is likely that your website will be ineffective.

Second, offer opportunities for people visiting your site to find out more about your product or service and your company. EBooks, PDF's and other commonly used document types should be used to reach the broadest audience. Brochures, guides and product tutorials may all offer visitors useful information. The more comfortable someone is with your company or product, the more likely they are to purchase and use it.

Third, if your product or service lends itself too many uses that are not obvious at first glance, be sure to outline or demonstrate the alternative uses. Show your visitors how your product or service can solve a problem and they will happily purchase the solution. This may seem like a no brainer, but there are many products that have powerful alternative uses that aren't promoted.

Fourth, offer service through your website. Consider a helpdesk or other methods of conveniently serving your customers. A reasonable response time is critical here. A delayed response may reflect poorly on your business. Regular product or service tips, warranty information and other customer services can be the difference between a quick sale and building a long term client relationship.

Fifth, update your website content regularly. If you update on a set schedule visitors will often return to see your new content. Every thing on your site does not need to change when you update your website, but it is important that changes are easy to spot.

And finally, look in to ways your website can save your business money. Reduce paper load, serve customers faster or easier, communicate with both customers and remote employees or perhaps track customer contacts and follow ups. Think outside the box because technology may offer unique ways to enhance your business through your website.

These should get you started on your way to a useful website. Each of these tips targets what your website can do for your visitors. There are many things to consider when starting a new website but if we focus on customers first we can't lose.

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