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A company newsletter not only informs existing customers about what is going on with your business, it can also help you promote your website. While it takes time to create, a monthly or quarterly newsletter keeps your brand in front of your customers. A newsletter may also establish you as a “Go to” resource for your clients.

Include helpful tips that may be useful within your industry and your newsletter becomes a true resource. Consider offering information that may help a reader improve his or her own business or get better use of your products and services. Your newsletter should be informative not promotional. Unless your subscribers signed up for promotions it is critical not to advertise in your newsletter.

News, helpful tips, a little humor along with valuable information regarding your industry is the basis for a valuable newsletter. Don’t go overboard and make your newsletter a technical guide, offer clear concise information that is valuable to your readers and your subscriber base will grow.

Remember, quality not quantity. A quality newsletter not only reminds customers of your professionalism but it can help establish you as an expert in your industry. Keep your newsletter brief, get to the point and be careful to maintain professional content. Have fun, but stay on course. If you would not talk to a client about it in person, do not put it in your newsletter.

Be reliable, if you state your newsletter will be published monthly, it should always be published monthly. The reasons for this are obvious but consider how you view people who don’t do what they say they will do.

Divide your newsletter in to specific sections and develop content for those sections each time you publish. Tips and tricks, tutorials, how-to’s, reviews, events, humor, resource links and more can all be topics for sections. Your industry will dictate appropriate content for your newsletter. Look for other industry newsletters and use them as a rough guide. Be certain to credit any sources for your content.

Let people unsubscribe easily. There should be a clear path to opt out of receiving your newsletter. An unsubscribe button or instructions on how to opt out should be clear in every newsletter.

Images should not be distracting, Keep imagery to a minimum and be certain images are embedded correctly or stored online if you are emailing your newsletter. Use a mailing program that can test for a spam score to give your newsletter the best chance to arrive in your subscriber’s inbox.

After proof reading, spell checking and reviewing again, send your newsletter. Archive newsletters on your website and you create an online resource that offers visitors one more reason to stop by your site.

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