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Many people think a website will automatically increase their sales. If your website does not get to the point quickly it may not help your sales at all. Some websites expect visitors to dig through their content until the visitor figures out exactly what it is that the website is selling (and trust me, every website is selling something). To make the conversion process even more difficult, these same websites often think that once a visitor figures out what the website is selling they will explore the site until they find a way to contact the owner or purchase a product or service.

Make it easy for your visitors. Visit your website with an open mind, can you tell what you sell in less than three seconds? If not, your customer can't either.  By the way, most people decide whether your website has any value to them in less than three seconds. If your visitor can't tell what you sell, they are gone. And guess where they go? No one appreciates a cluttered website more than a competitor.

Have you ever watched a dog when you hold out a treat? They will typically run around, spin in a circle, perhaps even jump in an attempt to get the treat. If you hide the treat behind your back they stop and look around like they are lost. Some will bark because they are upset that they can not find the treat. Wait long enough and the dog will start to wander away, sniffing the ground as they continue to search for the elusive treat. We as people are not all that different. When we arrive at a website we expect to see what we came for (the treat). We may even get a little excited if it is right there in front of us and easy to obtain. If we cannot see what we are looking for we will soon wander off. We then continue to look or sniff around until we find the elusive treat some where else.

Remember this key point. People don't think as much about your business as you think they do. They have no reason to. People want your business to be there for them when they need or want you. No digging, no searching, no jumping around. Just be there. In other words, make it so easy to purchase your product or service that a child can do it. Trust me, no one will ever be insulted if they visit your website and it is easy enough for a child to use.

If you sell online make certain you have large buy now, order here or add to cart buttons available to your visitors. Make it simple for them to purchase your product or service. If you are not selling online, then make sure it is easy to contact you. If you do not put the treat right in front of your visitors you are barking up the wrong tree.

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User Name: Web Design
Date: 01/09/17 15:58:17

Great post. There’s some really inspiring designs in here. Proof that blog comments needn’t look dull. A good design will encourage more people to comment and engage with your posts.

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