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Is Your Website Contributing?


Is your website contributing to your company in a positive way? Does it promote a positive image for your business? Is it answering the questions your potential customers need answers to?

Most corporate websites meet the requirements necessary to be considered a contributing asset. But there are always a few out there that miss the mark. Whether this is due to cost cutting, changes in management or a well intentioned shift in strategy that doesn't work out, it is important to focus on the purpose of the business website.

There should be and usually is only one core purpose for a business website and that is to distribute information to customers in a fashion that enhances the company image. Beyond image, a website can also cut costs, create ease of use, and add promotional value. Of course, if you own an online store its purpose is to sell products. If your website does these things then it is a contributing asset. If not, then changes may be necessary.

Often a business website will be stripped down, or stripped of its content with the intent to stream line or save money. In many cases however these websites don't offer the value they once did to both potential customers and the company alike. They may look just as pretty but lack of valuable content diminishes their worth.

Have you ever visited a website where the content is basically fluff. The content is pure hyperbole which offers little information that directs a visitor to purchase or find out more about the business? The site may be aesthetically pleasing but the content offers little value. We can avoid creating this type of site by making certain that our content leads visitors to the answers they need from our web site.

Make sure your website is contributing to your bottom line by reviewing your site and determining first if it meets your customers and potential customers needs as well as building your corporate image. Advantages such as reduction in staff time, reduction in paper costs etc. are all just bonuses.

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