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Your website can offer your visitors many things. It may offer location, contact and or product information as well as information regarding how you do business. An Ecommerce site offers your visitors the opportunity to purchase your products online. This isn't all your website can do, the possibilities are endless but here are a few ideas that may make your website even more valuable.

Consider a video tutorial describing uses of your products or services. Video is a great medium and the tutorial adds real value to many products. Video assembly instructions can be a real time saver for your visitor and may make up for a poor instruction manual.

Add a forum or E-learning section that allows you to answer visitor questions regarding the use or application of your product. Many businesses can take advantage of this type of communication; it not only establishes you as an expert in your field but it also transforms your website into the place to turn to when using your product or services.

Many businesses can use a secure document repository to allow visitors the opportunity to upload or download necessary documents. Document management not only saves time but often saves money as well. This is not only helpful for your visitors, reducing paper forms and applications can save you money as well.

A link directory offering links to do-it-yourself websites that compliment or are related to your product or service can make your site a valuable resource that generates return visitors. Showing visitors unique and interesting ways to use your product can have a positive effect on sales as well as cement your relationship with that visitor.

Offering your visitors an opportunity to opt-in to your weekly or monthly newsletter not only bolsters your mailing list but also provides you with a method to communicate regularly with your visitors. Be certain to respect opt-out requests, nothing will diminish the value of your newsletter faster than a visitor feeling like they are being spammed.

Weekly or monthly online only discounts create immediate value for your visitors. Advertise the discounts along with your regular advertising and make your website the place to visit for genuine value. Be consistent, displaying discounts once or twice a year has much less chance of boosting visitor allegiance than offering a regular weekly or monthly discount.

Value added items such as downloadable brochures that describe ways to get more from your product or service can be beneficial. You can notify customers at the point of sale that important additional information is available on your website.  Maintenance information not found in product manuals can extend the life of and add value to your product. Visitors to your website may well become loyal customers.

As you can see, there are many ways to turn a website in to a "real value website", think about how you can best serve your visitors and the rest should be easy.

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