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Is Your Website a Sales Funnel?


First, not all websites are meant to be a sales tool, some websites are strictly intended to disseminate information. But most businesses build and maintain websites with the expectation that the site will help increase sales or at least help maintain the sales that the business currently generates. The following questions may prove helpful when it comes to determining whether your website works as a sales funnel.

Does your website appeal to a specific market segment? In other words is the content of your site geared toward and developed for a known group of people that may purchase your products or services? If not, it should be.

Does the content of your website effectively lead people to purchase or contact you regarding your products and or services? Is the text appropriate for the group you are trying to reach? Some examples are obvious; if you sell a professional service, street slang should not be used in the delivery of your message to potential customers. Be concise, deliver a message that informs and motivates visitors to act upon your message.

Does your site get enough traffic to help maintain and generate sales? Search engine optimization and advertising are key factors in traffic building for any website. How are you attracting people to your website? There are a myriad of inexpensive ways to promote your site. It is important that we do not forget why we built the website in the first place.

Is the price of the product or service you are offering in line with competing products and services? Do you have the ability to test different pricing structures to see whether or not price is a problem? There is nothing wrong with being the most expensive in your market as long as there is value in your offering. If you are the best at what you do people will often pay for the opportunity to work with you.

Does your site offer a solution for the problems faced by the market you are targeting? Trying to sell buggy whips to the modern transportation market may leave you with an inventory you can't move at any cost. Your website should offer products and services that currently meet the needs of your customers.

Is the buying process effective and seamless? Can people buy products from your website without jumping through hoops? Can they contact you and complete a purchase without going through redundant processes. If not, why would they buy from you?

Consider these questions when adding or changing content to your site and you will turn your domain in to an effective sales funnel.

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