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Brand Consistency


Brand Consistency may be the most important thing to consider when building a brand. Whether it is consistently maintaining your website or staying with a consistent theme when advertising it is important to stay the course so customers grow familiar with your brand.  Consistency does not have to be boring however, it can make your job easier as you develop marketing strategies and plan promotions.

Develop a Brand Presence
Start with a mission statement that matches your vision of your business. Incorporate the values your business will adhere to as you build and grow.  Establish a tag line that reflects your mission then develop a logo that represents the vision used to create your mission statement.  Integrate the colors used in your logo through out your business including your website, office decor, forms, invoices, business cards and signage. A consistent look develops trust and establishes your brand in the minds of consumers.

Advertising and Promotions
Assimilate your brand and vision in to your advertising. Choose how and where you advertise wisely, be certain that the media used is appropriate for your brand. For example: If part of your brand is based on an environmentally friendly vision you MAY want to avoid paper based advertising such as newspapers, flyers etc. unless you can demonstrate that recycled paper products are being used. Just make sure that your media choices mesh with your brand.

Advertising is the voice of your brand. The way your promotions are perceived will determine how customers look at your business. Signage, email and newsletters, posters, flyers, your storefront, vehicle wraps, bumper stickers, window clings, social media posts, your website and more each send a message to consumers that should be consistent with your brand. The way you or your employees answer the phone and your phone messages have an impact on public perception as do your sales receipts, products, carry out bags and customer service.

Focus on Consistency
 Consistently promoting the vision your brand was established upon will etch your brand image in consumers minds and identify your business as one that consumers want to do business with. People want to purchase from brands they are familiar with, the more consistent you are the more accustomed they become with your brand.  When consumers feel comfortable with your brand you become the business they naturally turn to for your products or services.

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