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For some the word automation is scary and represents the inevitable end of an era that allowed them to prosper. For others automation creates a path to an easier way of doing things.  In today's technology laden world it is impossible to completely avoid the automation that is woven through our everyday lives. And why would you want to?

Automation and technology can create headaches however when utilized properly automation can make your life easier and remove needless repetition. Take for example a retailer with a bricks and mortar store and an ecommerce website. Tracking inventory in two places and managing sales records can be daunting but synching these records with cloud based software or using modern import and export options can clearly make the owners life easier.

We already use automation and technology for more than we think we do. The modern smart phone is a technological wonder that would have shocked people even twenty years ago. Most people that use a smart phone take advantage of its ability to remind you with an alarm, make a list, set or view a calendar, text, video chat and more. Even a simple alarm clock is the most basic form of automation.

Why not take advantage of the technology available to us? Automation can be a real time saver. There are hundreds of programs available that will email you when a certain event takes place, many news services will email or text you when there is breaking news. Security systems will push out a message to you when they sense motion, heat or other predefined criteria, so you can go online and view what is taking place in your home or business while you are away.

Most online retailers already use automation to their advantage by automatically sending emails to customers when they purchase something in their store and again when the item is shipped. Many modern websites use tasks to insure that applications stay on track and to avoid bogging down systems with old data.

Automation can be used offline as well. Computers can generate reports at timed intervals so you can check sales, inventory and other facets of your business without having to enter the same parameters each time. Systems can be set up to remind you to contact customers at regular intervals. These and other offline options can be synched via the cloud once an Internet connection is available so you can view the data later no matter where you are.

Auto mechanics are even using intuitive software to learn your driving habits so you can be reminded to bring your car in for an oil change at regular intervals that match your driving style. Other businesses email or text customers who have not made a purchase for a specified period and offer that customer a discount.

As you can see technology and automation can be very helpful. Consider the ways that you can automate some of the mundane tasks involved with your business then look at ways technology can boost sales, help you provide better customer service or simply make things easier for you and your staff. If your not sure how to automate a specific task, ask the technology specialists you normally work with to see they can help.

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