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Two Letters to Website Visitors


Dear Visitor,

We built this website because it seemed like the right thing to do. A few people asked  us if we had a website and it was kind of embarrassing since our competition had one and we didn't. We wanted it to appear that we were keeping pace with technology and not falling behind the times.

Our website designer asked us what we would like to place on our website and we said, "I don't know, what do most people put on their website?"  The Designer told us a few common website features and we said, "That sounds good."

Our website was built and we really haven't done anything with it since. A few people have told us that they have visited our website. Everyone says it looks nice. A couple of visitors have asked where they can find specific information about one of our products on our website and I told them that information wasn't on the site.

Overall, I feel like we are no longer lagging behind our competition and I am glad we have a website for our business.


John Q. Business Owner


Dear Visitor,

We built this website because we felt it was important to make information about our business available online. We want visitors to be able to find information about our products and services when it is convenient for them. We thought it was crucial that our customers have a way to contact us when our regular store is closed.

Our website designer made suggestions regarding what we may need on the website and we agreed with several of the suggestions and made a few of our own. We think the collaborative effort really paid off. We get several complements each week regarding our website and the instructional videos we put up regularly.

Our website takes a little work but it certainly is worth while. The website takes some of the stress off our staff since we don't get quite as many phone calls with technical questions and when we do get a call the caller seems to be genuinely grateful when we refer them to an instructional video on the site. We also get fewer calls regarding our location and again we refer callers to our website for maps and GPS coordinates. This allows our staff to spend less time on the phone and more time face to face with customers.


John Q. Business Owner

The only difference between these two letters is a few hours and a small ongoing commitment.

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