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We would all appreciate more Likes on facebook but how do we garner more likes without spending to much valuable time on the social media giant? Creating a plan that limits the time spent promoting social media allows us to continue to grow our social presence without cutting in to other critical business tasks.

Family and Friends may be the best place to start; we can not only ask them for Likes, we can also ask them to critique our facebook page to see if it is engaging visitors. Of course we should ask politely and maybe they will ask their Friends and Family to Like your page which can expand your audience exponentially.

Like any other website, it is important to post quality content and post often. Many experts suggest that we post at least once a day, some suggest even more. Be careful though, we don’t want people thinking that posting to facebook is our fulltime job. Limit your posts so they can be read quickly so visitors don’t become bored and move on. Some say to use twitter as a guide, limit posts to 140 to 200 characters.  Post pictures and videos when appropriate, people are attracted to them and they stay on your page longer while viewing them. Info graphics are popular and can disseminate information clearly and quickly.

Ask for Likes everywhere, on your website, on your Blog, and on receipts and bags in your store. Post your facebook page URL in the windows of your storefront if you have one, link to it from your website and add it to all print materials.  Many businesses list their facebook page URL right under their own website address on letterhead, email signatures and more.

Fill in the About section of your facebook page and be certain to include all business information including a description of the products and services your business offers as well as your website address, phone number, business hours and other pertinent information. This information will be indexed by the search engines and may increase visitors.

Run contests and offer incentives to entice people to Like your page. Make any contests or offers exclusive to people that Like your page. It is easier to track the success of your promotions if they are meant solely for one audience.

Contact the admins of facebook Groups that are related to your business and ask them to share your facebook page with their Group.  Make sure the content on your page is appropriate for the Group you approach then offer to promote the Group on your page in exchange for the admin sharing your page in return.

Of course you will want to engage visitors that comment on your page and remember the rules of engagement.  Always post or respond in a manner that builds and promotes your brand. Don’t get caught up in online arguments or battles between rival posters. 

Spend your time promoting your social media presence wisely and it will provide rewards both on and off line.

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