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Have you heard the term "Sales Copy”? If not, you should know that it simply references the content or script of an ad or promotion. For the purpose of this discussion it is the copy or content of your website. Some people feel it is the single most important ingredient of a successful website. I wouldn't go that far, but it is important.

We have all seen website's that employ copy like the following, “The Secret will be revealed for only $39.99" . Often, this type of copy is used to over hype a sale or promotion, the seller doesn't really care if people are happy with their purchase, all they care about is a one time sale. Sites that incorporate this type of sales copy do have one thing right however. They target a specific market and make certain that their content is simple, quick to load, and catchy. Every phrase drives you ever closer to the inevitable "ask to buy".

Why is this good? Because many website's don't focus on the three areas that are crucial if you want to generate sales. These three steps are necessary to guide a consumer to the point where they can make a valid decision about whether or not your product or service is right for them.

The first step is defining your market. Who are the people most likely to purchase your product or service? Defining the market you need to target allows you to tailor your copy toward a specific group of potential consumers.

The second step is to point out the need that your product or service can fill for these consumers. Explain how your product can solve a problem for your customer. Why is your product or service the best way to solve the problem?

The third step is "the close" or "ask to buy". Very few people will buy unless you ask them. There are many ways to ask some one to buy, choose a method that is appropriate for your industry. Many website's implement steps one and two and forget step three. That is kind of like seeding and watering the lawn but forgetting to mow it.

I am not suggesting that you use the type of sales copy employed by the website's mentioned above. I am however suggesting that we target our content to a specific audience, keep it simple, direct and focused on the message you want to deliver. This along with an aesthetically pleasing look will accomplish what many of us expect from our website.

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