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Are You Better Than You Think?


Can a business get away with simply promoting themselves as being the best? Many businesses do. We have all dealt with businesses that claim to be the best but experience demonstrates that the claim is deceptive. Consumers are quickly turned off by misleading practices. Are you as good as your ads and promotions say you are? If not, you may want to review your marketing practices.

Most businesses stay within the lines while advertising and many will even down play their strengths so they don't come across as to bold. Your business probably falls in to this category. Our Parents taught us not to brag, the humility we learned as children often tempers our ability to effectively promote our selves. So what can you do to garner more attention in the market place and still maintain your principles?

First, step out of your own shadow. Look at your business with a fresh perspective. Better yet, have some one else review your business for you. Don't be afraid to ask a friend or family member to tell you how your business stands out or falls short. You don't need to share financial or other details with this person, you want someone to look at your business through the eyes of a consumer. You basically want this person to be a cheerleader critic, someone that points out your strong points and lets you know about areas where your business can improve. Don't get defensive, remember you asked them to review your business. Take both praise and criticism seriously. If your reviewer points out a fault that doesn't really exist you need to consider if this is the way a consumer views your business.

If your business evaluation pokes holes in the view you have of your enterprise you may need to consider whether you have an over inflated vision of what consumers see when they look at your business and adjust accordingly. If your review opens your eyes to new business value you haven't promoted in the past, you may want to incorporate these items in to your advertising.

No one ever wins the Mr Universe contest wearing baggy clothes and a sweatshirt. The contestants strip down to a Speedo, shave there body hair, oil themselves up then get on stage under the lights to flex and show off all their hard work. You have worked hard to build a successful business. Take an objective look at what you have built, fix any flaws, polish the strengths and step out under the lights. Your business is probably better than you think it is.

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