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It often seems that today’s society demands instant results. Television & Computers have certainly added to this "need for speed".  24 hour news with breaking headlines, internet weather on demand and many others are quality enhancements that save lives and allow us to respond quickly to emergencies. But does speed solve everything? Obviously not!

After being in business for many years one thing is clear. Promises of instant success are usually driven by ego and followed by excuses. My Father often told me that you spell "Luck" like this H A R D W O R K. When I was young I thought that meant if I worked hard out in the yard I may be lucky enough to go out on Friday night. I have since learned that my Father was right, hard work does open up opportunities that otherwise appear to be just "Luck".

Keep a wary eye open for those that promise or suggest that success is just around the corner, especially if they want you to pay them for instructions on how to get around the corner. Experience teaches us that there are no easy fixes, no shortcuts or miracle cures. Albert Einstein once said, “Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.” We attain success by doing the right things, not by paying the right person.

Building for the future takes hard work, consistent focus on a task and innovative response to change. Not every step we take will be successful, but failures offer us valuable experience, and success without experience is generally short lived. Offering something of true value and standing behind that offer with continued service creates the atmosphere for success. The cumulative effect is long term growth and a future that looks very much like what the instant success fellows promised we would receive.

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