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Much Ado About Nothing


Modern marketing techniques are often reminiscent of the comedic play aptly named "Much Ado About Nothing". The play by William Shakespeare tells the story of two sets of lovers and a villain who manipulates them in to doing what he wants. Modern marketing villains will tell you almost anything to get you to part with your hard earned money.

In the play the younger couple is tricked by the villain, causing the young man to reject his true love due to a false belief that she has been unfaithful. There are those that will use similar tactics to mislead business owners in to working with them based solely on false promises.

The rise in popularity of social media has created a landscape that allows less than honest people an opportunity to take advantage of business men and women that don't have the time to become experts in all of the new forms of marketing.

There are literally hundreds of ways to promote your business and your website. Consider Social media then include local listings, search engine optimization, contact management and reputation management, don't forget ad words, back links and all of the other techniques that are available.

It may seem impossible to know everything there is to know about each of these marketing and promotion options and that is why there are people who specialize in specific techniques. Similar to the way Doctors specialize in Pediatrics, Orthopedics or Oncology. There are people with a general knowledge of all of the options but it would take a life time to become an expert in them all.

Using our best judgement and finding people we trust to work with is still the best way to get the job accomplished without being taken advantage of. When we were kids and someone told us they had all the answers we immediately assumed they may be cheating. Why would that change now.

In Shakespeare's play the villain ends up running away and both couples get married. In real life there isn't always a happy ending but if we follow our instincts and avoid sales pitches that sound to good to be true we can certainly prevent ourselves from being taken advantage of.

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