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The Social Networking Habit


Building a following on FaceBook, Google+ or even Twitter isn't as easy for an average business owner as it is for a famous athlete or performer. We shouldn't expect it to be either. I don't know about you but I don't pay much attention to what famous people post online so why would I care about the ramblings of someone I have never heard of? Perhaps the key is to develop a habit of consistently making posts that offer value to potential followers.

You don't need to make several social network posts a day to be relevant. A single post each day or every other day will suffice if you are consistent and offer value in each post. Set a reminder on your calendar to make a post, eventually it will become a habit. A busy schedule is no excuse, if it is important you will find time to get it done.

What makes a relevant social network post? The post must offer value to visitors or you  are wasting your time. As much fun as it may be to post about what you had for breakfast you probably won't gain any followers unless you are a food critic. A post offering tips about the use or purchase of your products or services as well as sales, discounts or tutorials can generate goodwill and sometimes even direct sales. Commentary about the state of your industry can also provide value to colleagues and other potential followers. Be wary about making posts regarding topics like politics and religion, you can alienate readers quickly with views that oppose their own.

Quality social networking habits are no different than anything else a business owner does to become successful. Provide value on a consistent  basis with each post or comment and you will reap the benefits of a loyal following.

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