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Sign Your Name with Style


Leonardo Da Vinci did not typically sign his paintings, yet he is known for painting some of the world’s finest master pieces.  His work is recognized by the quality and style of each piece as well as the amount of time each work took to complete. It is believed that the Mona Lisa took as long as 16 years to complete. It has been debated whether the famous painting is one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s or a work of one or many of his pupils.

Leonardo Da Vinci was a renaissance man who painted, sculpted, played music as well as being a scientist, architect, mathematician and more. A well known procrastinator and perfectionist Leonardo Da Vinci consistently tried new techniques in painting and of course inventing often ending with unfavorable results. In the end however, he is thought of as one of the greatest painters to have ever lived.

In business, we should complete every job like it is a piece of art we would be willing to sign our name to. Not a literal signature but a figurative signing, like Da Vinci, our quality and style of work should say it all. Although we cannot always take as long as we would like on a given job it is important that we strive for perfection each time.

Experimenting with new methods and strategies can often pay off and may deliver stunning results. Be certain not to experiment at the expense of a customer, the benefits can be passed on but the expense of an experiment should never be borne by your clients.

Leonardo can teach us many lessons such as reinforcing the axiom that one can accomplish anything if you don’t care who gets the credit. Or perhaps the greater lesson is that our work should speak for itself.

Whether you are the CEO or you work in the mail room you should be willing to sign your name to the work you do. The quality and style of our work will say the rest.

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