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Some Things Never Change


Recent reports indicate that the online sales environment is changing quickly over to a mobile market place. This may very well be the case and while it is important to prepare for any market change it just as important to remember that there are some things that never change.

Being prepared to deliver the goods and services that are purchased from your website as well as the customer service that goes along with any sale won't change. The philosophy behind delivering goods and services in a timely, professional manner never change although the methods and processes often do. Having delivery systems established that promote expedient shipping, packaging or distribution are and have been required to maintain quality customer relationships.

Customer service, which I believe starts well before a sale is more important in a changing environment than any other. Helping new and existing customers find solutions that include your product or service is as much a part of the sales process as it is customer service. If a customer is happy with their purchase and the product or service serves them well, then the job of customer service has been made easier.

The depth of a company’s customer service is displayed when there is a problem, not when everything is working well. It is easy to maintain customer relationships when everything is working as it should, but real customer service is shown when a company is asked to solve a problem for a customer.

The need for professional delivery of your goods and or services along with quality customer service will stay the same no matter what the market environment does.

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