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What Are They Looking For?


When someone visits your website, they are looking for practical content. Like someone on a dating app, it helps if we know what they are looking for. It isn't always easy to determine, but an objective look at your business should help fill in the blanks.

What questions do your customers ask most often? Does your website content answer those questions? If not, it should. Are there product details that are critical for successful use? Your website can answer questions before they arise. The answers may save you and your staff time and alleviate potential problems.

A website may be visually appealing, but a beautiful website is useless without quality content. Information needs to be easy to find and concisely written. Navigation should be intuitive, and highly sought-after information should be easily accessible.

Providing the information in a consumable form is critical. A high percentage of people access websites using smartphones, making it crucial that our sites are mobile-friendly. Our visitors want information displayed in a format they can consume, whether using a PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Your website content should focus on the user's experience. Trusted, relevant, up-to-date content benefits your visitors and may boost your search engine rankings. Search engines typically reward quality content with higher rankings. Poor, out-of-date content can cause a loss in search engine rankings.

Consider why a visitor would want or need your product or service. Once you know why, you can move on to answer the questions a visitor might ask. Answer those questions on your website, and you create engaging content that may convert visitors into customers.

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