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Money Can't Buy Happiness...But..


Money may not be able to buy happiness, but happiness may make you more money. Research shows a happy or optimistic salesperson sells between 20-40% more. People are insightful and recognize when someone is unhappy. Of course, we can't be cheerful all of the time. We can learn to have a happy or positive outlook.

Happiness is truly contagious. We all want to feel happy, and another person's attitude can rub off on us. A recent study published in Statistics of Medicine shows that happiness can spread three degrees beyond an initial encounter. So, your happy attitude may also improve the mood of your customer's friends and families.

One grumpy employee can set the tone of a business. A poor attitude can drive away customers and bring down production. A joint study by Oxford University and British telecoms firm BT found a conclusive link between happiness and productivity. The extensive study found that happy workers were 13% more productive.

Happiness is good for you. Happy people are more resilient, creative, productive, and optimistic. A cheerful attitude helps you overcome adversity and fight negative feelings.

Most experts agree you can learn to be happy. Start with finding your purpose. Why do you do what you do? Your motivation does not have to be some deep spiritual purpose, but it can be.

Smile. When you smile, people around you reflexively smile. Smiling is beneficial to your health as well. When we smile, our bodies release cortisol and endorphins. These hormones reduce blood pressure, increase endurance, reduce pain and stress, and strengthen our immune system.

Improve your mood by helping other people. You can volunteer or help people find a product or service they need. Helping others increases your peace of mind and well-being. Serving people improves your self-esteem and invigorates you.

Praise others for their accomplishments. Spreading the joy to others makes you feel better. It strengthens relationships and builds lasting friendships. People with strong relationships tend to live longer.

We can't always be happy, but we can make the effort. Evidently, people notice.

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