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Its a Matter of Time


Entrepreneurs can be overwhelmed by decisions. When should I work? Do I get time to play? Being the boss has its perks, but anyone who has ever been self-employed knows it isn't all candy and roses. Juggling work and personal time can be daunting, especially if you are self-employed.

Time is fleeting; it is the one adversary none of us can beat. Summer months and holidays make it a struggle to manage our time effectively. Preparing for holiday travel, unexpected guests, party planning, and more can distract us from our work. Too many hours at the office can negatively impact our personal lives. How do we find balance?

First, keep things separate. Disconnect your work and personal lives as much as possible. Individual phone numbers for work and private life may simplify things. If distinct numbers are cost prohibitive, try unique ringtones for friends and family.

Avoid bringing work home when possible. If you work from home, set aside a specific place to work. The reverse is true as well. Avoid personal encounters during work hours when feasible.

Discussing your work plans with loved ones is an important step. Review your goals with them. Goals are easier to reach if the entire family is on board. Establish expectations for work and private time but make a point of needing to be flexible. Family support and understanding reduce stress for everyone. A happy home allows you to focus on work when you need to.

Be flexible. If you need to take personal time during traditional work hours, you may need to make up the time later when the kids are sleeping. If a business meeting cuts into personal time, make adjustments to spend more time at home. Build time into your schedule so you can be flexible.

Set aside time to take care of administrative work. Most people find first thing in the morning works well, but as the boss, you set your schedule. Replying to emails and returning phone calls are critical for any business. Scheduling time for administrative tasks makes you look more professional.

Take time away from work. Whether you take a vacation or set aside an afternoon for relaxation is up to you. Rest is crucial for your health, and it invigorates you making work more productive.

We cannot control time, but we can manage ours. Developing a balanced schedule will benefit both your professional and personal life.

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