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The QR Code Revival


A pre-death obituary for the famous Author Mark Twain appeared in the New York Journal. Mark Twain responded, "The news of my death has been greatly exaggerated." The same is true of Quick Response Codes or QR Codes. QR Codes entered the market as the next big tech advance. Within months the new technology began losing favor due to the need for third-party apps to read the codes. As technology caught up, QR Codes are having a revival.

The majority of modern smartphones can now read QR Codes natively. The built-in camera doubles as a QR Code reader on most devices. The advance allows users to read codes with ease. QR Codes are now commonly used in marketing and information distribution channels.

You can share your wi-fi password using a QR Code. This wikiHow article walks you through creating a wi-fi password QR code in your browser, iPhone, or Android phone. Imagine offering guests a QR Code instead of spelling out that tedious password. The password is visible to anyone that scans the code.

QR Codes often are used to direct people to event or product websites. A postcard with a QR Code that leads to your website can provide more information and makes your sales pitch interactive. Engaging customers increases lead responses.

Business cards with a QR Code make it easy for someone to add your contact information to their phone. Making it easy for your customers to contact you increases sales. Most of us will call the business that is most convenient for us to reach.

Save a date and share directions using a QR Code. Wedding invitations now include codes that help guests save the date, get directions, and even rsvp. Consider using codes for birthday parties, sales events, anniversaries, and other occasions.

There are dozens of uses for QR Codes. Codes used at check-in of a business conference can provide additional information about the itinerary. The code leads to a website including speakers, times, resources, and other materials.

Plain text QR Codes deliver long instructions such as how-to guides, assembly instructions, and guidelines. Deliver instructions for a hotel tv remote using a Plain text code.

E-learning utilizes QR Codes to direct students to audio, video, or additional text material for the course. The code can send people to online textbooks, testing sites, and virtual classrooms.

QR Codes have become more versatile. In South Korea, a Virtual QR Code Supermarket is thriving. Watch this brief YouTube video to find out more.

QR Codes offer discounts, provide links to recipe cards, may be printed on name tags, or introduce movie previews. For Sale by Owner, signs can embed a code linking to property photos. There are several styles of QR Codes as well. Artistic, logo-based, and print are just a few styles available.

Visit QR Creator to try making your QR Codes.

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