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A Tangled Web


I recently read an article which posed the question, "Can your small business survive with out a website?" I think the answer is obvious, of course it can. Many small businesses are successful with out the benefit of a website. Trying to suggest otherwise is not only misleading but bordering on irresponsibility. Can a website offer benefits to small businesses? The answer is a resounding, yes!

Sir Walter Scott wrote a poem called Marmion which includes the phrase, "Oh! What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!” The statement rings true even to this day. Why use hyperbole when it isn't necessary? The benefits of a small business having a website are to numerous to mention here but that won't stop me from mentioning a few of the more obvious later in this article. But why would someone feel it necessary to exaggerate the need for small businesses to own a site? When the benefit of any tool is exaggerated it inevitably fails to live up to expectations. So in essence the act of overstating the importance of a website to small businesses actually hurts the website design industry in the long run.

The obvious benefits a website offer small business is enough to justify the need and warrant consideration by business owners. A web presence can not only enhance a business image it can also provide customer convenience not offered through any other medium. The potential time savings and promotional benefits offered by a website can offset the cost in a very short time. These benefits alone make owning a website attractive to many small business owners. So, lets avoid the hype and remember that an over hyped sales pitch isn't necessary when you are offering a quality product.

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