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Dating and Business


The relationship with new or existing customers is very similar to dating. We all want to make a good impression when meeting a potential new customer. Establishing that we are trustworthy and dependable is crucial. We also want our business, staff, and product or service to look their best. Just like a date, the first impression is critical.

Now that a customer is interested, you must create the groundwork for a successful relationship. Remember, at this point, neither party is sure that this is a good idea. Explain the benefits of this new relationship and why you are the best choice. Like dating, once you have piqued their interest, the real work begins.

Our product or service must solve a problem or fill a void in their life. There will be no second date if you have nothing to offer. Manners are as salient in business as they are in dating. Can you imagine a successful date where one party shows up 2 hours late? Tardiness affects business deals as well. Customer service is imperative throughout a relationship. Developing a strong appreciation for one another is a solid foundation for business and dating.

What do we look for in a partner? Dependability, honesty, attitude, and character are all traits that translate for business or dating. We are trying to build a relationship, so in either case, the parameters are the same. Buyers tend to purchase from companies they trust, just as each one of us dates people we find trustworthy.

In a sense, all advertising is like courting. A business puts its best foot forward trying to attract customers, the same way a person tries to attract relationship partners. A Business makes media choices, while a person may determine where to begin their relationship search. Both parties are interested in developing a connection.

In business, like relationships, we cannot afford to take anyone for granted. If we presume a bond is on solid ground, we may lose a customer just as quickly as a date. Attention is the key to most relationships. We all want to feel valued, whether we are a customer, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, or a spouse.

Most long-term relationships exist because of mutual respect. Most one-sided friendships don't last. Businesses that do not value their customers soon find themselves on the market, looking for new relationships. Who knew business and dating had so much in common?

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