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Relationships Are the Key


Why should we develop a relationship with our customers? Because it's good business. Relationships are crucial to a lasting, successful business. Experts suggest that it costs ten times as much to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one. So, if it costs $100 to maintain an existing customer, it costs $1,000 to gain a new one. Considering these numbers, it makes sense to build relationships with our customers. But how do we forge these relationships?

Customer service is the first step. Create a buying experience that is intuitive and convenient. Make it easy for buyers to get help at any point throughout their purchase. Develop and maintain communication standards at each stage of the purchase process. The entire buying process should be stress-free.

Follow up after purchase. Contact consumers after large purchases and provide an easy way to communicate with you on smaller ones. Contacting a buyer after a substantial purchase helps you establish a reputation as someone who stands behind their product or service. A phone call, email, or postcard asking if they have questions regarding your product places you at the front of the customer service pack. Printing contact information on all bags, receipts, and business cards make it easy for a buyer to contact you if they have an issue.

Product and service videos on your website not only inform buyers but often prompt purchases. Tutorials explaining the use of a product could be the difference between buyer satisfaction and buyer remorse. Product videos that show how your product or service solves a customer's problem are the modern version of a home sales call. Instead of you going door to door demonstrating your product, potential customers can visit your website to find out about your latest offering.

Technology offers many ways to help build customer relationships, but in-person relationships are the best. Get to know your customers. Learn their names and the names of their family members. Earn their trust by answering questions honestly. Determine how they use your products and make it easy for them to ask you questions.

There are dozens of ways to make a good impression, but developing a genuine relationship with your customer is the best impression you can make.

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