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3 Tips to Up Your Social Media Game


To help build engagement on social media there are a few tips your business should follow.

The question almost everyone asks is, how often should I post?
Each business should consider its followers, and pay attention to analytics to determine the best posting schedule. However, some guidelines may help. Since each social media platform is unique, we will focus on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

How Often Should I Post?
Posting five to ten times a week is typically seen as the sweet spot for most businesses. Many studies suggest that once per day is ideal, and at least three times a week is crucial to maintain followers. Posting to seldom will quickly make you an unrecognized memory. More is not necessarily better. If you post too often, you become a plague on your followers as your posts overflow their feed.

Once a day is a bare minimum that you should tweet. Three to seven times a day helps draw attention, and 12-23 tweets per day seems to be prime real estate.

The bare minimum here is once per week. Three to four times per week draws attention, and daily or more might make you a star.

Remember, with each platform you should avoid making a series of posts in a row and avoid extended breaks, or your followers will disappear.

The Tone of Voice
Before making a post on any social media platform, determine the tone of voice for your business. Do you want your business to be serious or funny, casual or formal, respectful or irreverent, and enthusiastic or matter of fact? Your chosen tone of voice will help determine word use for all your business’s future posts. For example, if a Business decided they want to be informal, they would probably use the word chat rather than the word conversation. The tone of voice is something to master over time but will ultimately help keep your business’s posts consistent if referenced before creating each post.

The Content
For most posts, the content should be image or video-based. Posts that include a photo or a video earn the most organic (non-paid) engagement on social media. The media chosen should be eye-catching, and the text should relate it to your business. All videos should contain closed captioning as most social media platforms begin playing video automatically, and the user must click to play the sound.

Experiment with varied posting schedules, times, and content to find the most effective routine for you and your followers.

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