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Never Work a Day In Your Life


We hear people talk about helping others, charitable giving, supporting a cause, and many other phrases that induce both satisfying and anxious feelings. Satisfying because we want to help and support others in need, we want to have a passion for something in our lives. We feel unsettled or anxious due to the perception that maybe we haven't done enough.

Why do we want to help others? Biologists suggest that humans have an innate desire to help others. Psychologists have found that children as young as 18 months display a willingness to help others. They believe that it is unlikely children of this age have learned this behavior. Based on this, it seems apparent that we were born with the desire to help others.

So how do we help? As an individual, we can observe a person or group of people in need and take action to help. As business owners, we have a unique opportunity to help institutionally. We can develop programs and processes to help in an ongoing fashion. In many instances, businesses have encouraged their customers to become engaged as well. When a Business prompts customers to get involved, it compounds the help that may be delivered.

Businesses can help others by donating money, resources, time, expertise, and, as mentioned above, notify customers of a need. Qualified customers, such as charities, could qualify for discounts. A Business can ask employees to volunteer their time. Imagine the impact dozens of additional volunteers could have on a charity.

Some people are lucky enough to have created a business around a passion that helps others. There is a famous quote that says, "Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life." -Anonymous. Creative use of your business can help satisfy your need to help others while providing a living for your family.

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