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Are You More Important than Your Product?


What is the one thing that sets your product above all of the rest of similar products on the market? Maybe it's you! Perhaps the only thing setting your product or service above the rest of your competitors is the experience, education, integrity or fierce determination to provide high quality customer service that you offer. If this is the case then you had better be promoting the benefits you bring to the table.

 Customers do not buy a product based on the number of features it possesses, rather people purchase a product based completely on what the product can do for them. Features often indicate or guide us to benefits created by the presence of a feature. For example:

Feature Benefit
5 Star Crash Rating Safety
100,000 mile warranty Reliable, Worry free
Luxury Interior Comfort
Panoramic Sunroof Great View

 Sometimes we fall in to the trap of promoting the feature instead of the benefit. The features used in the example above all infer their benefits. It isn't necessary to spell out the benefits if they are commonly accepted. But what about you, how can you sell you?

There are human traits or features that suggest benefits just like the examples mentioned above. I mentioned a few of them in the first paragraph. Here are a few examples:

Feature Benefit
Experience I won't make novice mistakes
Education I know what I am doing
Integrity I am honest. I will do the right thing.
Fierce determination I won't let you down. No matter what.

If it is your features that make your business special then promote them and the benefits they infer. Don't be afraid to brag a little but avoid being arrogant. Selling yourself isn't that difficult, after all, who knows you better than you do.

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