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Have you ever thought of your email signature as a form of marketing? If so, then good for you, because that is exactly what it is. Even a simple email signature displaying your name, business name, phone, email, etc. is a form of marketing. Consider what would be in its place, and for most people, it becomes apparent why an email signature is considered a marketing tool.

Here are a couple of ways to enhance your email signature so it will have more impact. An HTML email signature allows you to display pictures like your photo or company logo in your signature. A picture can draw more attention to the message you want to convey with your signature. Be careful however, people that receive text-only emails will not see your HTML signature. If your market is one where text only email is common, you may want to stick to text.

Add a tag line to your email signature. If your company tag line is "Imagine the Possibilities" consider adding the line to your signature. If you don't want to interfere with your contact info, place the tagline below your signature. If you are using an HTML signature you can bold or italicize the line to draw focus to your message.

More elaborate email signatures display all of the basic information for an individual and link to an online biography located on the company website. A signature could include the ability to load the person’s contact information directly into your mail program. They may also include links to the senders Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platform accounts.

A link to your website can be a powerful tool that grants anyone who reads your email the opportunity to find out more about your business. Some businesses will create a special web page that is intended to provide specific information regarding the Company, Products, or services currently being promoted.

There are email signatures that include a button that says, “Schedule an Appointment Now.” Clicking the button takes you to the businesses online scheduling system. This makes it very convenient for a customer to set up their next doctor, dentist, or perhaps a car maintenance appointment.

A click to call link or widget built into your email signature can be an easy way for people to contact you, without typing in your phone number. The easier it is to contact you, the more likely it is that you will be contacted.

Most email clients allow for HTML signatures, some require that they are hosted online. If you have a website, you can typically host the HTML signature in the same location as the site.

As you can see, an email signature is definitely a marketing tool that offers several opportunities to promote you, and your products or services.

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