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Little Things Matter


Please, Thank You, and You’re Welcome, are all phrases that seem reminiscent of a more formal, albeit friendlier past. Often in today’s business world, it seems these things aren't often said, or when said, seem forced or ordered. This is a long time pet peeve of mine and I find myself saying things such as Your Welcome, dripping with sarcasm when an obvious Thank You has been overlooked.

Some Fast Food Restaurants seem to be a haven for people who have decided that a lack of manners is not only acceptable but appropriate. Two cheeseburgers and two medium fries? Here, ya go. And I wait......You're Welcome, drips sarcastically from my tongue as I drive away thinking that this couldn't have been part of the training. I imagine someone explaining to a new trainee, these people are just buying fast food, whatever you do don't say thank you, they will expect it every time. Although it seems I am picking on the fast food industry, this trend is becoming more and more prevalent.

It seems many businesses have forgotten or neglected to teach or train employees to use proper manners when dealing with customers. It is not unusual to make a purchase, and as the product is being handed to us the person behind the counter doesn’t smile or even make eye contact. They simply push the bag toward you. No, Thank You. No, Have a nice day. Nothing.  Were they trained at all?

Manners used to mean something if we didn't use them we were scolded for our lack of them and even punished if we forgot them altogether. What's the magic word was the friendly reminder that we were forgetting something as children, and we weren't going to get what we wanted unless we remembered. Even interrupting an adult brought about a stern reminder to "Mind Your Manners".

I was reminded of this during a recent trip to a local fast food restaurant. The young Lady that helped us was very polite and I thought there may be hope for us all. And to the parents (or perhaps the boss) of this young woman, I applaud you, because little things do matter.

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