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September, 2023 Edition
Preparation Canyon
Essential Businesses
During the pandemic, governments selected what they considered essential businesses. Often, the selections made little sense. Business selections heavily favored large businesses while similar smaller companies suffered. The term essential was misused.

Does your Business solve a problem? If not, it probably isn't necessary. Don't panic; many Businesses are not essential. Is the local ice cream shop necessary? No, but we would miss it if it were gone. Businesses that offer products or services critical for survival are least affected by the economy and inflation. Health Care, grocery stores, and utilities sales continue even during an economic downturn.

If we position our Business so it fills a need or solves problems, we insulate ourselves from the economic swings many face. Customer retention is higher for Businesses that help customers avoid obstacles.

A simple test can determine if your Business is essential. Do your customers need the product or service you offer to survive? We need food, but we want luxury items. All products are important to our overall economy, but only essential items provide protection from inflation and financial fluctuations. People will continue to buy food regardless of rising prices.

Some people buy precious metals to hedge against inflation. Businesses can add essential product lines whenever possible to reduce inflation and recession risk.
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Money Can't Buy Happiness...But..
September 2023 Marketing Edge Blog Post

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  • It's not a hangover. It's wine flu.
  • Me: "I'm still tired from all the crossfit this morning." My wife: "It's pronounced 'croissant' and you ate 4 of them."
  • I swear if my memory was any worse, I could plan my own surprise party.
  • If You want to impress me with your car, it better be a food truck.
  • Apparently "Spite" is not an appropriate answer to "What motivates You?"
  • Dear life, when I said "Can my day get any worse" it was a rhetorical question not a challenge.
  • I didn't mean to push all of your buttons. I was just looking for mute.
  • If one door closes and another one opens your house is haunted and you need to run.
  • Being kissed while your asleep is one of the purest forms of love....unless you're in prison.
  • He reminded me of a penny. Two-faced and not worth very much.
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OBS features an intuitive audio mixer that allows you to suppress unwanted noise using integrated plugins. Configure the software using powerful options. Arrange the software layout to meet your workflow.
Set up hotkeys to speed production and preview scenes before making them public.

Download and start streaming quickly on Windows, Mac or Linux.

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Money Can't Buy Happiness...But..
September 2023 Marketing Edge Blog Post

Open Broadcast Software
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