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Derek Jeeter is retiring from baseball after 20 seasons with the New York Yankees. Some have reported that Derek Jeeter has never been the League MVP so he should not be considered one of the best to ever play the game.  Regarded by many as the consummate professional, Jeeter is a five-time World Series champion and considered crucial to the Yankees' success over the years.  To put things in to perspective I will mention a few of the awards he has received (to list all of his achievements would take more room than we have available) . Derek Jeeter is a 14  time All-Star selection, he was awarded  five Gold Glove Awards, five Silver Slugger Awards, two Hank Aaron Awards as well as the Roberto Clemente Award. To say he has been successful would be an understatement.

In business as in sports a company that is not known as the biggest or the best is often overlooked. What many people ignore however is the fact that year after year the business considered the best in a given field changes. Certainly some companies maintain top status for several years but inevitably changes occur. Does anyone remember companies like Blockbuster Video, Woolco or Payless Cashways ? Each of these companies was considered one of the best in their industry at one time but now they are gone or only remnants remain. 

Companies like Jim Beam, Colgate and Dupont  have each been in business for over 200 years. These companies have been at or near the top of their industries for years. Are they the best? That I will leave to the consumer to decide. We can easily say they are companies that have tremendous staying power, and that doesn't happen by accident. These companies and others have been solid, near the top, for many decades and have proven that they belong there or they wouldn't have lasted this long. A company that stays in business for over 200 years is probably in the running as a "best ever" candidate.

I am not a huge baseball fan, I enjoy the game but am not what you would consider a die hard fan. So, why does it matter to me if Derek Jeeter is in the conversation as one of the best ever to play the game? I can best explain my reasons by saying that as much as I would enjoy being Father of the Year or Husband of the Year, I don't expect it to happen. I will be satisfied however knowing that I work hard to be the best Father and Husband that I can be, year after year, day after day. This is the same way most of us, most of you, run your business, working hard to be the best you can, day after day, year after year and that should be rewarded.

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