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September, 2019 Edition
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When you arrive at a website what do you see first? Do you look at the pretty graphics? Do you study the bold text? Studies show that most people begin with what they see in the upper left-hand corner and then scan to the right. Contrary to popular opinion people focus on the text first. Bold headlines and text in a well-ordered layout draw the most attention. Graphics are secondary at best.

There are many items that people notice when they visit a website. Several key factors are subtle, such as site speed, correct spelling, age of content, and more. Each element plays a role in whether or not a visitor stays on your site and ultimately becomes a customer.

When you visit your website what do you see first? Focus on the upper left-hand corner then scan to the right. Is the information presented what you hoped for? If not, slight modifications may be in order. Be careful not to change the theme or relevant content on your site, a shift of existing content may be the fix.

Graphics still offer an appealing backdrop to your content but don't let pretty pictures stand in the way of the message you want visitors to see. 

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  • I told my doctor that I am addicted to Twitter, he looked confused and said "I don't follow you".
  • I knew I was ugly when it came time for a group picture and they handed me the camera.
  • Don't trust atoms, they make up everything.
  • My current Girlfriend is just like an iPhone. I don't have one.
  • If you want to receive a text message every 3 minutes for an hour, send your husband to the grocery store.
  • My boss found my Twitter account and wants me to add 'my views are my own' to my bio. He's clearly forgotten the time he met the wife.
  • I was trapped in a salt mine. I am still shaken.
  • We all think we're pretty smart until we try to turn on someone else's shower.
  • Today I'm attempting to post only positive things with minimal sarcasm. See you tomorrow.
  • My husband hates it when I refer to him as my first husband.
Monthly Tip
System Scheduler

System Scheduler Free version lets you run applications, scripts, and batch files unattended. The program is a simple replacement for the Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler. You can run pop-up reminders so you never a forget a to-do-list item or appointment.

You can launch applications and send key presses and mouse clicks to the application with System Scheduler. This can be very helpful since other free programs often lack the ability to schedule a run time.

The free version also has a window watch feature that allows you to shutdown programs after they run or send key press information overnight or whenever your PC is unattended.

Visit the System Scheduler website for more information.

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System Scheduler
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