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October, 2022 Edition
Sick of Politics?
 Are you sick of politics? If the answer is yes, You aren't alone. Recent polls show that a staggering 87% of people in America are sick of politics. (The other 13% are politicians or didn't understand the question.) Social media Users seem to top the list of people sick of politics. And yet, for many people, social media is where they gather their political information. Yes, scary as that may seem, many people determine their political opinions based on what others say on social media. Regardless of political views, we can all agree that social media is not renowned for its factual accuracy.

Did you know people are searching for places to retire that offer less political exposure? In case anyone is wondering, in 2016, Wyoming, Utah, and South Dakota topped the list. It appears that Politicians care less about states with lower populations.

Many people find politics exhausting. The hyperbolic advertising, outlandish claims about opponents, and pandering promises are a bit much. Citizens muddle through, waiting for the election to be over. We may look eager to do our civic duty, but we can't wait to vote because we know politicians will disappear for another few years.

Experts suggest getting involved alleviates politically induced fatigue. It may be hard to believe, but volunteering for a cause or candidate reduces political stress. A feeling of helplessness leads to stress. Volunteering helps us feel we are making a difference.

No matter what we do now, it will all be over soon. At least until the next election. Famous humorist Will Rogers once said, "This country has come to feel the same when Congress is in session as when the baby gets hold of a hammer."
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  • I see dead people. Well technically they are stupid people, but give me a few minutes.
  • I know the voices aren't real, but man do they come up with some great ideas.
  • I hate when I gain 10 pounds for a role..then realize I'm not an actress.
  • I accidently took the wrong medication this morning..at least I won't get heartworms or fleas for the next three months.
  • Oh, I'm sorry. Did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?
  • Not only did I fall off the diet wagon, I dragged it in to the woods, set it on fire, and used the insurance money to buy cup cakes.
  • Often, when I talk to you, I am thinking it is just not worth the jail time.
  • Sometimes I wonder what happened to people that asked me for directions.
  • You know your diet is not going well when your breakfast eggs come from Cadbury.
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