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November, 2019 Edition
Relax and Read
Play the Hand You Are Dealt

Charles Ergen, an American businessman, co-founder and current Chairman of Dish Network and EchoStar once said,

"Poker is a game where you don't have to have the best hand to win. Poker is really reading other people and reading human emotion, which certainly comes into play in business."

As businessmen and women, we do learn to read people and their emotions. In business, as in poker, some people are tougher to read than others. Charles Ergen's quote tells us that we do not necessarily have to possess the biggest store, largest payroll, or a fancy product to succeed in business. It is more important that we consider how our customers feel.

There are three basic emotions involved in any purchase. First, each of us wants to trust the business or person we are buying from. Second, we want enough information to feel like we are making the right decision. Third, we want to feel like we are getting a fair price. We cannot fulfill these three needs without putting ourselves in our customer's shoes. If we interpret our customer's emotions correctly we can serve them with a solution that meets their needs.

In every case, we must play the hand we are dealt. Our ability to pick up on our customer's needs makes us the wild card that can help us win the hand.

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Smile  Just For Grins  Smile
  • Never date a tennis player. Love means nothing to them.
  • I wonder if the guy who came up with the term "One Hit Wonder" came up with any other phrases.
  • I just wish pictures and mirrors could agree on what I actually look like.
  • Pick up lines for the elderly: Hey baby, you better call life alert, cause I’ve fallen for you and can’t get up.
  • You'll never be as lazy as the guy who named the fireplace.
  • Some people have a way with words and other people not have way.
  • Whenever someone says I am ugly, I get really sad and hug them, because I know how hard life is for the visually impaired.
  • Wife: "...are you even listening to me?" Husband: "That's a weird way to start a conversation..."
  • I've been reading a thesaurus whenever I get a chance. My wife says it's a garbage of time.
  • My three favorite things are eating my family and not using commas.
Monthly Tip
Five years ago Ditto was featured in our newsletter and it has continued to be updated. This free and open source clipboard manager can save unlimited clipboard entries to a powerful SQLite database. The clips can be recalled later and pasted in to just about any program.

You can save text, images, html, and other custom formats. You may keep multiple computer's clipboards synched, and the information is encrypted when sent over a network. The program will display thumbnails of saved images. Ditto has the ability to group clips, and is fully searchable.

You can configure Ditto to work the way you like with options such as auto-delete, limited clips, and more.

Check out Ditto online at SourceForge.

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