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June, 2022 Edition
A Two Way Street
Typically, in the past, businesses have relied on one-way communication to deliver product and service information. Businesses advertised using various media such as newspapers, television, and radio. This one-way street strategy allowed some Companies to become tone-deaf to their customer's needs.

A Local business had the advantage of seeing their customers and interacting with them at the time of purchase. Large, national, and international companies struggled to stay tuned to their customer's needs. As the internet age arrived, large companies found it difficult to garner consumer attention. Due to this difficulty, internet advertising was born.

Internet advertising allowed large businesses to promote themselves using the new medium favored by consumers. Not wanting to be left out, small businesses soon followed. This new media advertising did not solve the problem of one-way communication. Companies were still talking to their customers instead of talking with them.

The rise of individual websites solved some problems with the advent of forums and email contact forms. But the real connection did not occur until the prominence of social media. Social media allows businesses an opportunity to have two-way communication with consumers.

While face-to-face communication is still king, social media offers a close facsimile. Despite all of the problems with social media (privacy, bias, etc.), it still provides a way to communicate with consumers that were not available before. 
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Happy 4th of July!

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  • Marriage: when dating goes to far.
  • I'd be a terrible superhero. I'd see the signal in the sky and think, "I literally just sat down."
  • Somebody left a grocery list in this cart that says..... Cheese and stuff like that. So my soul mate is out there.
  • I want my tombstone to say, "Well, at least I don't have to wake up anymore."
  • Therapy is nice but screaming at the TOP OF YOUR LUNGS for 10 seconds is a lot faster and cheaper.
  • I'm having people over to stare at their phones later if you want to come by....
  • I think I'll just put an "out of order" sign on my forehead and call it a day.
  • I heard someone call a corn dog a meat Twinkie and life just feels different now.
  • There is no "we" in chocolate.
  • An adult version of the children's classic...."wallet, glasses, keys, and phone, keys, and phone.
  • Helpful diet tip: If you stir coconut oil in to your kale, it makes it easier to scrape it in to the trash.
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June 2022 Marketing Edge Blog Post

Pocket Radio Player
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