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June, 2019 Edition
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Building a business is hard work, anyone that says it's not is lying. Delivering on promises we make is part of that process. Our websites are an extension of our business, and each website makes promises. Promises that we had better keep or the consequences aren't appealing.

If we take the time to post it on our website it had better be true. We have all come across websites featuring hyperbole that we instinctively know is untrue. We automatically know these promises can't be kept. Many of these websites declare that the owners have made huge sums of money, and all we have to do is pay $19.95 so they will share their secret to success.

These types of businesses exist in the bricks and mortar world as well. Years ago, I was trying on a suit coat that did not fit well. I reached forward like I was going to pick something up, and it was obvious that the suit would tear if I continued. The store owner told me the suit was meant to fit that way, and besides how often would I be making that motion anyway (every time I picked something up). It turned out this was the only suit the owner had that was supposed to be my size. I declined the suit and found one that fit at another store. I never went back to the store, and it wasn't long before it closed its doors.

Had I purchased the suit; the promise that it was supposed to fit would soon have been exposed. Just like most promises that are not kept.

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Genesis Holistic Health
Welcome Genesis Holistic Health to the PPP Design Family. Genesis Holistic Health features Halotherapy Services. With dry salt therapy, you simply relax and breathe deeply in a controlled dry salt aerosol environment.
Check out the new website.

The City of Mapleton
The City of Mapleton has a new responsive website featuring an active calendar, community resources and much more. Visit the new website and view the business directory and find out about upcoming events.
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  • It's important to trademark your username so your parents will know they have kind of a big deal living in their basement.
  • Any wine goes well with two ungrateful teenagers, an oppressive boss and insurmountable credit card debt?
  • I took off my shirt when I got home and my wife put her eclipse glasses back on.
  • I hate when you get hit by a car while walking down the street and texting and no one is in the car and it's parked on the side of the road.
  • My family is conducting research to find out how far they can push me before I snap like a twig.
  • When you administer mouth-to-mouth resuscitation at a public beach, first make sure that the victim is not just sleeping.
  • I just got ten minutes of resistance training trying to get out of the hammock.
  • I was invited on a walking date with some women in my neighborhood, and if this doesn't end in a ceremony where I get witch powers, I'm out.
  • You spelled 'paramecium' with a '6'. I think that warrants an evaluation.
  • I wonder what I could have accomplished in life if I had done my algebra instead of trying to move that pencil with my mind for 3 years.
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You can filter files using options like, directory, size, date, and properties among others.

Drop photos on the icon and automatically create a gallery, a list, or a playlist. You can create profiles to organize the association and filters you develop.

DropIt can scan monitored folders and take action when a file is present.

Find out more about DropIt online.

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