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July, 2023 Edition
Are You Biased?
Are you biased? Of course, we all are. In today's politically charged environment, bias has become scandalous. Implicit bias can be favorable and faulty.

Implicit bias gives doctors the ability to react quickly with limited data. For example, if a morbidly obese person is complaining of chest pain, it is reasonable for a physician to assume a heart attack is taking place. Quick treatment may save the life of the patient. However, a pulled muscle in the patient's chest may also be the culprit. So, a blood test to confirm the Doctors suspicions makes more sense than immediately scheduling bypass surgery.

It appears the way we react to our biases is more important than the fact that they exist. In business, we must be aware of our biases allowing us to follow our instincts without constant second-guessing. The more knowledge we accumulate makes following our instincts easier. Our inclinations can help guide us to the correct assumption or get in our way.

Complications ensue when bias is the sole determiner of an outcome. Knowledge and awareness of bias coupled with instinct offer the best opportunity for a favorable result. Demonizing bias as an opportunity to virtue signal often hurts the people that the demonizer pretends to help.

I have a bias that men are generally stronger than women. Of course, this isn't true in all cases and only becomes an issue if I think it is. Bias can speed up decision-making. If tempered with proper knowledge, bias can lead to faster, more appropriate decisions. Figuring out which of our biases are helpful and which are harmful is a critical step.

Both the word tendency and bigotry are synonyms for bias. That is quite a range. Our implicit bias can guide us to quicker decisions, lets not confuse it with conscious, explicit bias.
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  • I didn't know I had OCD until I watched my kids hang ornaments on the tree wherever they wanted!
  • I just know I will die trying to pet something I shouldn't.
  • A dirty mind makes ordinary conversations more interesting.
  • I do my own stunts, but not intentionally.
  • Thanks to whoever told my Mom that WTF means "wow that's fantastic." Her texts are so much more fun now.
  • I don't mind coming to work, but waiting 8 hours to go home is ridiculous.
  • Everyone needs at least one sarcastic friend. I am pleased to be of service to you.
  • Starting your day with an early morning run is a great way to make sure it can't get any worse.
  • A great way to get out of a conversation is to take off one of your socks and hand it to the person talking.
  • I have done some terrible things for money....like getting up early to go to work.
  • I really need a speed bump between my brain and my mouth.
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