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April, 2024 Edition
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Change is Inevitable
Change has a way of getting under our skin. As Humans, we like things to stay the same. Whether the change is personal, social, or work-related, most of us dislike change. Stress is commonly associated with change. We can reduce or eliminate this pressure by following a few tips.

1. Accept that change is inevitable. It is a part of life. Attempt to understand the change. We tend to ignore change when possible. Accepting change as soon as possible reduces stress. Early acceptance of change allows us time to prepare.

2. Stress is normal. Allow yourself a momentary meltdown if needed. Once you gather your composure, focus on the actions necessary to address the change. If the change is unavoidable, take part in the transition. A better understanding of the change should alleviate tension.

3. Try a new perspective. Try to view the change without emotion. Ask a friend or loved one to give their opinion on the change. Pessimistic thoughts often become toxic, so avoid dwelling on the negatives. Be realistic about how your anxiety is affecting your opinion regarding the change. Remember other times when change occurred and how you dealt with it successfully.

4. Talk to others. Seek help if necessary. Discussing the change with friends or loved ones can reduce stress and may give us insights into the positives of change. If the burden of change is overwhelming, you may want to seek professional help.

5. Be positive. A positive attitude is crucial to success at work, in relationships, and in the social arena. Look for positives related to the change. What possibilities are created by the change? People with a positive attitude adjust to change more rapidly.

Change can be challenging. Utilizing these tips to help you adapt can reduce stress and make change more enjoyable.
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  • Another wine bottle with no Genie at the bottom. I'll keep looking.
  • Live with the confidence of a 4 year old in a batman t-shirt.
  • I am not crazy. I prefer the term "Mentally Hilarious".
  • I think some people were put on this planet just to test my anger management skills.
  • Socrates: to do is to be...Plato: to be is to do....Scooby: do be do
  • A Wise Man once told his wife....Nothing, because he was a wise man!
  • A Wife is like a hand grenade, remove the ring and your house is gone.
  • You may want to avoid dating a woman who can't decide between a good man and a glazed doughnut.
  • Sometimes there just aren't enough curse words to describe some people
  • I think my wife wants me to go on a diet...when I opened the fridge it said welcome back fatty!
  • Whenever I have a panic attack I put a brown paper bag over my mouth...When the Bourbon is gone it seems to help.
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Boost Your Brand by Updating Your Website
April 2024 Marketing Edge Blog Post

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