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  Privacy Policy

Many websites have detailed privacy policies regarding how they will treat information shared with them by their visitors. These privacy policies dictate or should dictate how a company handles this information. But what about social networking sites such as Google Plus, Face Book and others? Chances are that their privacy policies are enforced as stringently as others but the nature of the sites in general provide participants opportunities to share more than they might like.

Recent news stories depict many members of social networking sites, often college students, being caught up in their own public posting. College students have complained of potential employers visiting these sites and finding out more than members wish they had. Pictures of parties and more, posted by the member themselves during a time when it seemed funny, have been related as reasons for which these members feel they were not hired.

Granted it must be difficult to explain that party funnel to a conservative potential employer. Many feel this is unfair but once evaluated there is no one to blame but the individual who posted the material in the first place. Public networking sites provide many opportunities for people to share information but it is important to remember that these sites are visible to the public.

Privacy policies protect those that protect themselves, those that avoid giving more information than is necessary. Whenever someone publicly posts information there is no longer any assurance of privacy and none should be expected. The reverse is actually true, if you post information on the internet you should expect that not only is there no privacy but that you just broadcast that information to millions of potential viewers.
3D Printed Bone Implants

Northwestern University Researchers have developed a synthetic bone implant that is called "hyperelastic bone". The material is formed with a 3D printer and consists of a mineral found in teeth and bone as well as a polymer. The material is flexible and not only supports broken bones but it also promotes bone growth.

The material has been used in mice and to repair the skull of a monkey. Since the material is porous blood vessels can traverse the graft with out the rejection risks often encountered in other implants.

Read the ZDNet article for more information.

Iowa Agricultural Bio Fibers has joined the PPP Design Family and has a new responsive website. Iowa Agricultural Bio Fibers (IABF) has a reputation for delivering quality agricultural products that make a noticeable difference. The difference is the health of your animals. Visit the new website today to find out more.
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That is What I Thought
1. A conscience is what hurts when all your other parts feel so good.
2. I’d kill for a Nobel Peace Prize.
3. Just because I don’t care doesn’t mean I don’t understand.
4. Never tell your problems to anyone...20% don’t care and the other 80% are glad you have them...
5. Don’t regret doing things, regret getting caught
Honesty is the best policy but insanity is the best defense.

7. I didn't t climb to the top of the food chain to be a vegetarian...
8. I love my life, but it just wants to be friends..
I think they picked me for my motivational skills. Everyone always says they have to work harder when I’m around!

If I promise to miss you, will you go away?
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Iowa Agricultural Bio Fibers
Quality agricultural products that make a noticeable difference

Award winning portable apps collection

3D Printed Bone Implant Article


In today's world it is nice to be able to take your favorite programs with you. PortableApps.com allows you to do just that. From their website:

"All Your Favorite Apps, Everywhere

PortableApps.com lets you carry all your favorite apps on a portable device or cloud drive and use them on any PC. Your browser with your bookmarks and extensions, your office suite, your photo editor, your music collection, your games, your development tools and more. Everything you need for work and play with you on every PC you use. Work, home, school, visiting family and friends, even while traveling. And everything stays on your drive, too. Now, every PC becomes your PC."

You can install PortableApps.com to a portable device (think USB stick or portable drive), a cloud drive like Dropbox or Google Drive, or to your local PC. If you use a portable device or cloud drive you can take your favorite applications with you wherever you go.

Over 300 apps are available and it's free. Check it out using the link below.


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