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Marketing Your Website

What's New ?
The Cornerstones of Website Content

We have discussed website content many times in this newsletter, but how can you tell when you have great content? The wording on your website is crucial and often dictates how many people will visit your site. Knowing the three cornerstones of website content should make it easier to be sure that your site is optimized for visitors.

Informative Content Keeps People On Your Page

The first cornerstone is informative content, your text should be helpful to the people that visit your website. The content should offer direction or guidance in respect to your business so visitors want to stay and be informed.

Website Content Should Get Peoples Attention
Your content should be entertaining. We are not talking slapstick here, but pure information can get boring. Take the edge off with humor, music, video, anecdotes, illustrations, and more. Infusing entertainment value into your informative theme can be difficult, but if done properly the payoff can be huge. Avoid race, religion, and sexual or political topics, these can easily be found offensive and you risk losing visitors. Informative content that is entertaining is more engaging and memorable for visitors.

Search Engines Should Be Able to Rank Your Content

Posting a cool infographic may seem like the way to go but most graphic images don't rank well in the search engines by themselves. Image alt tags can help but text is a better way to be found in the search engines. Page titles and descriptions should include keywords, and head tags like h1, h2, etc. should be used consecutively (we are good at this type of thing). Spelling should be reviewed, and the content should be relevant to what your site is all about.

An old saying derived from a bible verse states that "a cord of three strands is not easily broken". Informative, entertaining, search engine rankable content is the best way to climb and maintain your site's position in search engine results. Building your website content on these basic cornerstones should improve the number of visitors and the length of time that they stay on your site.
Smartwatches as Medical Devices

It may not be long before your smartwatch can be used as a medical device. We already know that smartwatches can count steps and monitor heart rates on a basic level. With sensor and software improvements it may be possible to monitor or detect, on a medically reliable basis, things such as heart rate and heartbeat abnormalities, blood glucose for diabetes management, sleep apnea, and more.

Experts suggest that the proper sensors, along with an improvement in software and data processing are just around the corner. But the biggest hurdle will be regulatory approval by organizations like the FDA. Fitness companies that currently make smartwatches (and other devices) would have to be willing to go through the rigorous approval process.

KardiaBand from AliveCor has already been FDA Approved and takes a medical-grade EKG in 30 seconds. KardiaBand offers an integrated band for the Apple Watch that monitors your heart and alerts you to take an EKG if it detects anything abnormal.

In the near future, Smartwatches may be able to detect seizure activity as well as offer solutions for things such as speech and cognitive therapy, and medication monitoring.

The potential for smartwatches and other wearable fitness devices to monitor, detect, and alert us of potential health problems may offer peace of mind to an aging population and their caregivers.
#########    Just for Grins    #########  
Are You Sure About This?
1. Moses had the first tablet that could connect to the cloud.
2. Do I lose when the police officer says papers and I say scissors?
3. The best thing about money is that if you give it to the right people, they will give you donuts.

4. Never date cross eyed people. They might be seeing somebody on the side!
5. This is my step ladder. I never knew my real ladder.
6. I'm not a magician, I just keep losing rabbits and handkerchiefs.
7. If Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends?
8. Halloween's a great time to see what your favorite characters would look like if they were uglier.
9. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers right now. Nothing is going on, I'm just a narcissist.
If you glue a dead wasp to your palm, you can smack your boss on the back of the head as hard as you want and act like you saved him.
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Once you sign up, you may never have to return to the spamgourmet website again. For example, I sign up with the username "unicornsparkle" (darn, now I can't use that one). When I arrive at a website that wants me to enter my email address so I can download the latest fashion tips; I enter anyword.unicornsparkle@spamgourmet.com. The next three emails sent to anyword.unicornsparkle@spamgourmet.com will be forwarded to my real, protected email address, any emails beyond that will be destroyed. Three emails are the default number to be forwarded, you can change this to a maximum of 20 by changing the email address like this, anyword.15.unicornsparkle@spamgourmet.com. Now, the next 15 emails addressed to anyword.15.unicornsparkle@spamgourmet.com will be forwarded to your protected account.

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There is an advanced mode for people who want to return to the site periodically. The website is showing its age but it does what it is supposed to do. Try reading the faq's if you're considering the advanced mode.

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