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  Product or Service Videos

People love video. Consider the popularity of television and the over whelming approval of product or service videos is understandable. Product and service videos are also known as explainer videos or video tutorials. The popularity of the medium and its growth on the Internet is a compelling argument for using them to promote your products and services.

The use of explainer videos online has provided large jumps in visits and sales for several companies. Many brands describe increases of conversions (visits to sales) of as much as 20% or more due to the use of video.

You can hire an agency to create a professionally edited and directed video or you can make the video yourself. Your video should be clear, concise and direct to address the short attention span of many viewers.

Explain the problem your product or service will solve early in the video or you may lose viewers. Stick with describing the benefits not the features your offering can provide. Explain why your product or service stands out as a solution to the viewers problem.

Plan ahead and a make a script for your video. Your video should be short and sweet. Avoid long explanations, focus on key points. Your approach should be appropriate for your business, be certain your content won't confuse or offend customers.

Just because you do it yourself does not mean that production value should suffer. Use a tripod if possible and edit your video so it flows properly. There are free video editing software available. A clear, direct and coherent video is the goal so avoid rambling and adhere to your script.

Create a call to action. Ask your viewers to act and purchase your product or service then tell them how they can make the purchase. Test your video by showing it to friends and family members and remind them not to spare your feelings.

Finally, post your video on your website and other multimedia outlets then keep track of the results.
Free Energy?

Is free energy possible?  For many internet connected devices it may be possible using power captured from cell phones, Wi-Fi, TV or radio signals. The technique developed by University of Washington researchers may eliminate the need for batteries and power cords on many internet connected devices.

According to an MIT Technology Review article transferring power wirelessly is not new but getting a device without a traditional power source to work is much harder.

Researchers believe the technology will be available in two or three years and could be very inexpensive. The days of changing batteries in small internet connected devices may be drawing to a close.

Happy Halloween
#########    Just for Grins    #########  
Well, Obviously
1. Working in a mirror factory is something I can totally see myself doing.
2. I came up with a new word yesterday: Plagiarism.
3. A physicist is trying to talk a man off the tip of the Empire State Building; he says, “Don’t jump, you have so much potential.”
4. No matter how much you push the envelope it will still be stationary.
5. What is red and bad for your teeth? A brick.
6. IKEA has sponsored our local school. Now assembly takes ages.

7. “Better out than in,” my uncle always used to say. He was a terrible heart surgeon.
8. I’d give my right arm to be ambidextrous.
What happens when you throw a green rock into the Red Sea? It gets wet.

Two snowmen stood in a field. One said to the other, “Funny, I smell carrots, too.”
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