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  Are You Being Misspelled?

Are your products or is your business name being misspelled? Several years ago Yahoo released the 20 most often misspelled search terms or words. Most were celebrity names, a few were well known business or domain names. Britney Spears was listed twice in the top twenty; I found it interesting that her fans could find two different ways to misspell her name.

When people search for your website or the products and services that you sell are they spelling things correctly? Search engines do a great job of recognizing misspelled search terms and presenting the user with the “did you mean” option. However, a person that misspells a word may not know they have misspelled it. Of course we have no control over whether or not visitors spell correctly but we can compensate for commonly misspelled words or phrases.

Common misspellings can be included in the Meta tags in your site. This way search engines will still pick up on the misspelling and direct searchers properly to your website. Some webmasters will even include commonly misspelled words in the content of a web page. This makes it even more likely that search engines will index the page properly for searchers without a dictionary. This is often accomplished by using the “often misspelled as” phrase to safely list the misspelled word without having obvious typos on your site.

Some webmasters use misspelled words in image alt tags where they are not seen as easily, however many search engine specialists do not recommend this technique.

Examine your domain and business names along with your products and or services; if they are commonly misspelled a few adjustments may help.

MetaSensor’s Sensor-1 is a small (about the size of a thick coin) sensor that detects motion in real time. Place the sensor on anything and it will detect real time changes in motion and orientation. The sensor arms based on your proximity and can log motion events when your out of range (about 300 feet). The sensor can communicate with Smartphones, tablets, laptops etc.. There is a mobile app but the sensor can work independently of the app. Sensor-1 has an Indiegogo campaign that has met its funding goal and expects to begin shipping in the 4th qtr of 2016.

From the website:
"Place Sensor-1 on items you want to protect, and if they move—you'll know"

Find out more about Sensor-1

Immanuel Lutheran Church in Schleswig, Iowa has a new website. The responsive website features service times, audio sermons, bulletins, pre-school info, calendar of events and much more.

Visit Immanuel Lutheran Church Online.
#########    Just for Grins    #########  
Actual Newspaper Headlines
1. NJ judge to rule on nude beach
2. Dealers will hear car talk at noon
3. Nicaragua sets goal to wipe out literacy
4. Drunk drivers paid $1,000 in 1984
5. Milk drinkers are turning to powder
6. War dims hope for peace

7. Eye drops off shelf
8. Squad helps dog bite victim
Soviet virgin lands short of goal again

Autos killing 110 a day, let's resolve to do better
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Definitely Denison
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Is Your Website Contributing?
November 2016 Marketing Edge Blog Post

O&O ShutUp10
Control Windows 10 Privacy settings

Small sensor to help you keep track of things.

Immanuel Lutheran Church
Official Website of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Schleswig Iowa


O&O ShutUp10

Do you use Windows 10? If you do, you may or may not realize that in an attempt to make the operating system easier to use you are not asked to respond to as many security notices. Due to the simplification of the OS for the end user (You and I) more data is passed to Microsoft than ever before.

To control the data sent to Microsoft you can turn off services and functions you don't use. O&O ShutUp10 allows you to decide for your self how important ease of use is when compared to your privacy.

O&O ShutUp10 is completely free for private and commercial users. The program does not need to be installed and is absolutely portable. You don't need any special knowledge to use the program and all the important settings are readily available.

Visit OO Software to find out more about O&O ShutUp10

Contact: PPP Design

Visit PPP Design Online

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