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May, 2023 Edition
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Keeping Track
Keeping track of ad results can be difficult. It is almost impossible to tell where every sales lead or contact comes from. There are times when knowing where sales leads originate is necessary. For those times, many methods can help. I have outlined a few of the more common techniques below.

Landing Pages
Although landing pages have fallen out of favor in recent years, there is still a place for them. You can direct customers to specific landing pages to track the effectiveness of your ad. Avoid indexing landing pages, or you may run afoul of the search engines. Use shortened URL services to make the web address easy to remember. Make your contact information stand out on each landing page. Keep track of which ad points to each page.

Unique Contact Information
Use unique phone numbers or email addresses for each ad placement. Multiple phone numbers may cost more than is warranted. Email addresses are typically easy to come by. If your television ad displays one email address and your online ad uses another, it is easy to tell where inquiries originated. Unique text messages to the same number are another popular way to specify ad views. An ad run on channel six could ask viewers to text wow6 to a certain number; on channel four, viewers text ktiv4 instead.

Promo Codes
Each ad specifies a unique promo code. A simple version may include promo codes such as online for web ads, tv for television ads, radio for radio ads, etc. The code should make it easy to track the ad views. Some advertisers use different codes for each channel and each time an ad runs.

Website Analytics
Website Analytics provides information for specific page views, duration of visits, jump-off pages, and more. Without a distinct URL, it can be challenging to track unique visits. Used with landing pages and a specific URL analytics can provide valuable tracking information. Extended links can provide tracking for online ads. A variable added to a website address can be seen in most analytics.

Increased sales or customers are often the best indicators that your advertising is working. Keeping track can help determine ad content and placement.

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  • Be nice to your hairstylist because there is nothing stopping them from plucking one of your hairs and placing it at a crime scene.
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