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   All Things Not Being Equal

The Internet offers a unique opportunity not found anywhere else in the business world. You can market your product or services to people all over the world with out having an international marketing budget. A small business can, and they often do compete with Fortune 500 Companies.

Large companies often shell out huge amounts of money to advertise their website on television, radio and print ads. In most instances the large company would gain an advantage simply due to the amount of money spent promoting their site. However spending more does not always give a company the edge on the Internet.

I know of several small businesses that effectively compete with much larger companies on the Internet. Often it is a matter of what share of the market each business is capturing, but it is truly the essence of competition. The large company may spend 300 or even a 1000 times more on advertising and promotion, but the smaller company is still taking an inordinate percentage of the online sales. You rarely, if ever see this happen in the bricks and mortar world.

I am not trying to suggest that someone could start up a new online store and immediately compete with a company the size of Amazon. However, a startup business can garner a comparatively disproportionate share of the market based on the money spent on advertising.

This just goes to show you that even if everything else is not equal, quality content and a high level of service will win every time.  

According to Wikipedia, Graphene is the basic structural element of graphite and charcoal among other things. Think of Graphene as a single sub atomic two dimensional layer of graphite (or potentially other carbon substances) that form a honeycomb like lattice.

Graphene is about 100 times stronger than steel by weight and is highly conductive as well as being almost transparent. Graphene was first measurably produced in a lab in 2003.

A recent Popular Science article announced that Researchers at the National Graphene Institute, based at the U.K.'s University of Manchester have created light bulbs from the substance that will be brought to market in the near future. The bulbs are reported to be up to 10% more efficient than Led bulbs.

An article on Graphenea states that companies like Samsung are researching the use of Graphene to possibly make flexible touch screen devices like smart phones. This could even mean foldable televisions or intelligent windows in your home.

Graphene is already used in some forms of conductive ink.
#########    Just for Grins    #########  
More One Liners from Twitter
1. Throwing money at your problems won't work. Especially if that problem is a charging rhino.
2. It's been one day since my last confession and they still won't let me go.
3. The wife and I just sat in a hot car and bickered for six hours. It was the same as going on vacation except we saved $1000.
4. I schedule conference calls just so I can cancel them at the last minute. Because everybody loves that guy.
You're getting old when your wife gives up fooling around for Lent and you don't notice until the 4th of July.
Talking about learning math and actually learning math are three different things, Skippy.
The best way to get a youthful figure is to ask a woman her age.
If you Photoshop out the wine glasses you're left with a pic of rich white people flashing gang signs....
I want that job pushing shy skydivers out of planes.
Insanity means never having to say "I'm Guilty".
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Shortcut World
Windows Shortcuts


Make Your own Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows has tons of keyboard-shortcuts built right in to the operating system, but you can make your own and save even more time.

Right click on any program icon and choose properties. Choose the short cut tab and put your cursor in the "Shortcut Key" field. Use your keyboard to enter the key you would like to open the program with, then click Apply and OK. Windows will create a keyboard shortcut using Ctrl + Alt + (the key you chose) as the program launcher.

Test your new keyboard shortcut by pressing Ctrl + Alt + (the key you chose) simultaneously. The program you selected should open.

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