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    Communicating Like Children

As business owners we must constantly strive to make our customers happy and at times even attempt to alter their mood. If we could tap in to the ability little children seem to be born with it would certainly help. Little Children seem to have the innate ability to make us feel good. What is it about these little bundles of joy that can alter a mood or bring about a smile? Is it their innocence, their simple direct communication, or does it have something to do with the fact that they are so trusting? Whatever it is, it works!

If child like innocence is the key most of us are long since past the time where we can tap into that virtue. It seems the most likely reason that little children can put us in a pleasant mood is the fact that they are so trusting and direct. Do we trust our customers as much as a small child trusts most adults? We probably don’t, but why not? These are people that help us build our businesses, feed our families and plan for our futures. A cynical society has taught us to be skeptical, even of those who are on our side.

What about direct communication? This seems to be what we all strive for; some even go to seminars to learn how to communicate more directly. No one communicates more directly than a small child. Now I am not suggesting that we all revert to monosyllabic sentences, but if we took a little time to learn from our tiny counterparts we would see that direct communication is not hard to accomplish.

Marketing our website is a prime example of where direct communication can be put to use. With people from diverse geographic areas and even diverse languages visiting our websites it is even more important that our communication be direct and concise. The simplest way to accomplish this is to avoid hype, exaggeration, and anything that could be construed as misleading. Add to that a trust that our customers are reasonable people that want to be informed about our products and services and we are well on our way to achieving youthful communication.
 Tiny USB Drives

We all seem to use flash drives to move data from one device to another. How often could you have used a flash drive but didn't have one with you?

CustomUSB offers a product called Gigs 2 Go, a small "Tear-and Share" flash drive pack. The credit card sized flash drive pack is an easy way to keep a flash drive handy at all times. Each pack has four drives molded together.

There are different size four packs like the 4GB (1GB each), 32GB (8GB each)  and the 64GB (16GB each)  pack. The package is made up of 100% recycled paper pulp and will fit in your wallet.

When you need portable memory you  tear off a drive and use it like any other flash drive. Once you have loaded your files you can even label the drive by writing directly on the paper pulp exterior.

The drives claim to be rugged, shock proof and water proof. And no cap is needed on the drive. They can even be customized with your own logo and your data can be preloaded on to each drive.
#########    Just for Grins    #########  
Cowboy Advice
1. If you get to thinkin' you're a person of some influence, try orderin' somebody else's dog around.
2. Never smack a man who's chewin' tobacco.
3. Never ask a barber if he thinks you need a haircut.
4. Never follow good whiskey with water, unless you're out of good whiskey.
 Always drink upstream from the herd.
Never drop your gun to hug a grizzly.
Don't name a pig you plan to eat.
Timing has a lot to do with the outcome of a rain dance.
Life is not about how fast you run, or how high you climb, but how well you bounce.
Isn't it funny how about half of the time advice starts with someone saying never, always or don't.
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Gigs 2 Go
A Tear and Share USB Flash Drive Pack

Highly rated Windows multimedia player

PotPlayer Multimedia Player

This Freeware Windows multimedia player is capable of playing or streaming just about any video format available. It can remember where you left off on most videos. The player is fast and light weight as well as being skinnable.

PotPlayer can even play damaged or corrupt avi files by skipping the damaged frames. There are several advanced setting that allow you to tweak how you see your video which is good if the video is of poor quality. The interface is simple enough that most videos should play right out of the box.

Supports 3D movies if you have the proper hardware.

If you use a Windows operating system you may want to give PotPlayer a try.

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