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   What is Your Outlook?

Where do you focus most of your time? People in general have a tendency to focus on the negative. In business this can be a fatal error. Of course it is important to address complaints and fix problems when necessary but we can't allow ourselves to spend to much of our time on pessimistic endeavors.

Have you ever met a business man or woman who spends all of their time with an unfavorable outlook? Complaining to every one who visits their place of business about how terrible things are and how much worse they will probably get does not endear the negative business owner to anyone, especially to prospective consumers.

I must admit, I am an eternal optimist and was lucky to be taught a few techniques that help me avoid getting sucked in to the quagmire of negativity that is available to anyone if they look hard enough. These tips help me, your mileage may vary as they say.

The first is the mail (or email) rule. Only touch mail once, look at it and decide what to do with it. Throw it away, act on it or decide what action to take. This keeps clutter (both desk and mind) to a minimum and helps avoid that nagging feeling that there is still more to deal with.

The second rule is never feel defeated. If I can't figure something out I assume I will get it later, as long as I don't give up. There is no failure, only delayed success. To be fair, this one works better as I age, patience seems to be developing as I get older. This is not to say that I don't have "my moments", you know the ones where everyone runs for cover as I graphically explain what I am going to do with this computer or whatever it is that I am working on.

Experts suggest that if we relieve daily stress we create a more positive outlook. How you relieve stress is up to you. Some people run, others lift weights, some yell (ahem) while others find a hobby that helps melt away the negative feelings of the day. Exercise serves a double purpose, not only does it reduce stress but it also makes us healthier so there is one less thing to worry about.

A positive outlook when it comes to our business is critical not only to our success but in the long run to our health as well. Don't forget, you decided to be in the business you are in so you may as well enjoy it. A positive attitude by owners and employees attracts customers and keeps them coming back.

peerio is an encrypted message and file sharing program/service. peerio utilizes end to end encryption to protect your files and messages. From their website:

"Peerio uses state-of-the-art encryption protocols and has been independently audited by expert cryptographers and system penetration testers to assure your data and privacy are protected."

You can only communicate and share files with other peerio users but peerio is free and is easy to set up. Mobile use for Android and iOS users are supposed to be available this month. Users currently receive 1.3 GB of cloud storage along with the open source program, so you can store and share files easily.

Visit the peerio website here.

Boulders Inn & Suites Hotels have merged websites to make it easier for visitors to find the most convenient location. You can view special offers from any or all of the Boulders Inn Hotels as well as check room availability and make reservations.
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#########    Just for Grins    #########  
What Did They Say?
1. My grandfather has the heart of a lion and a lifetime ban at the zoo.
2. Dark humor is like love — not everyone gets it.
3. What thinks the unthinkable? An itheburg.
You don’t need a parachute to go skydiving. You need a parachute to go skydiving twice.
In New York someone gets stabbed every 52 seconds. That poor man.
A picture is worth a thousand words, but it takes longer to load.
I, for one, like Roman numerals
A bank is a place that will lend you money, if you can prove that you don’t need it.
For Sale: Parachute. Only used once, never opened.
Time is what keeps things from happening all at once.
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Label Those Cables

This simple tip may save time and help maintain your sanity. Wrap cheap mailing labels around the cables to your P.C., television, DVD player etc. and label them with the source and destination of the cable.

The back of your P.C. has different sections so adding the section and placement (Top section - third row - 2nd from the left) to your label will make it easy to re attach the cables when it is returned from servicing.

Cable and cord labels also make it easier to replace a failed component like a monitor or external drive. You can quickly find the specific cable and replace it with the new one.

Labeling external components helps when a cable gets pulled loose or is inadvertently unplugged. It is easy to match up the cord with the component if both are labeled.


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