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Maximize Success and Minimize Failure

People are often looking for ways to improve their business. Whether it is remodeling a storefront, upgrading their product line, or streamlining the purchase and delivery process, every business can improve. As business owners, we sometimes make things more difficult than we have to. Taking a fresh look at our normal routine and assessing the processes we use every day can help us make changes that will have a long term impact on our business.

There is a technique that offers us opportunities to advance our strengths while diminishing our weaknesses. As with anything that is worthwhile this technique requires us to be honest with ourselves and review our business with a critical eye. If you don't feel like this is possible then there is no reason to read further, otherwise, let's get right to it.

Make a mental list of the things you do (or have done) best when it comes to your business, or if you prefer you can write these items down on a piece of paper. Do you excel at customer relations? Are you a skilled negotiator? Do you have a fantastic location? Do you thrive under pressure? You get the idea. Try to categorize these skills with the most important at the top.

Make a similar list of what you do (or have done) poorly in regard to your business. Do you procrastinate? Do you struggle with inventory? Have you had a difficult time keeping good employees? Do you struggle to stay on schedule? Now, rank this list the same as the other only this time place the worst at the top.

Now take the top item on each list and think of ways to improve each one. If you excel in customer relations, it should be easy for you to think of ways you can be even better. After all, this is an area you excel in. If you procrastinate, think of ways to solve this issue. Use a day planner, assign the task of keeping you on track to a trusted employee. Set modest, measurable goals for each item at first then expand them as you see progress.

This relatively simple technique allows you to maximize your strengths and minimize the weakest points of your skill set. Once you feel like you have made the improvements needed for the top two items, and made them a habit, move on to the next items on your list. Then continue until you need a new list. These steps can help us cultivate the skills we need to succeed and at the same time reduce the risk of failure.

Atlantic Rock Island Inn & Suites
Atlantic Rock Island Inn & Suites has a new responsive website. The purpose of the Rock Island Inn & Suites in Atlantic Iowa is to make your visit as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. Check out photos of the Jacuzzi Suite and the other rooms available.

Chapman Metering
Chapman Metering has a new responsive website. The new website can be viewed on most devices. Chapman Metering is a service company devoted to eliminating errors and omissions in the application and installation of electric metering equipment. Chapman Metering is a Border States Company serving Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota.

Snow Shovelling
Stay Warm!
#########    Just for Grins    #########  
Love is Grand!
1. Three Months....That's how long my husband stood by and watched me water a fake plant.
2. All I am saying is that if we had a dungeon, my wife would decorate it with throw pillows.
3. I am thinking about asking the grocery manager to write a note telling my wife that I looked everywhere but couldn't find her favorite ice cream.
My husband just cancelled the plans we'd made for tonight without talking to me first and I've honestly never been more turned on in my life.
Wife: There is something wrong with you. Me: What a thing to say just before our dog's first salsa lesson.
Me: [boiling water] Wife: No, not like that!
7. My wife cleaned the house all day and now we have to go live in a hotel.
8. My husband unloaded the dishwasher so I guess it's time to have a parade for him.

9. I accidentally handed my wife a glue stick instead of a chapstick. She still isn't talking to me.
10.  I always adjust the seats and mirrors for my husband. I don't want him to forget he is married.
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Atlantic Rock Island Inn & Suites
Upscale Inn and Suites in Atlantic Iowa

Chapman Metering
Devoted to eliminating errors in electric metering equipment.

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A Good Movie To Watch
Suggests highly-rated, non-blockbuster movies on NetFlix, Amazon and More

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